Personal Sewing

Welcome! Sharing my sewing plans and fabric choices this week.

I’m building a wardrobe for my changing body and style. So, I was excited to find all of these fabrics in a bin I cleaned out in my space.

These 3 fabrics I chose to work with first!

And, here are the three patterns I chose:

…stipe tan fabric – it’s drapery and will lengthen it to above ankle;
…solid tan drapery fabric;
…and, dark small floral print that will also be lengthened.

I’m so very excited to start on these projects!

I’m still working on my knit projects; finally warped my loom to my perfection and will probably start weaving cotton towels; got some bag ideas for the shops; and, continuing my painting/art journaling!

What are you working on? What have you learned this week? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear!

And, thank you for stopping by! Yah willing, I’ll be back next week!

“Never let anyone dull your sparkle…” Keep creating!

Welcome Back!

Shalom! Hi! Welcome! I’m Back…Hope all is well! All Praise to The Most High, The Creator for this day!

My name is Stacy Simcha and this is my blog where I share and talk about my makes (such as knitting, sewing, art and other creative stuff)!

I would appreciate you following my blog. You can also find me on IG as (simcha_creates) and/or, subscribe to my YouTube channel (Simcha Sews & Creates). I also have an Etsy Shop ‘Simcha Sews’. Thank you!

In this post, we’ll talk about my Knit WIPs, Current Makes, What I’m Working On and, Future Makes.

First, my knit WIP Coffee Shop Wrap by Two of Wands, it’s a free pattern on Ravelry!

I really like this pattern and is an easy knit. Easy to follow and well-written. I changed some of the color suggestions, but did not deviate too much; and, suggests cotton yarn. I’m about 1/2 way through it and will keep y’all posted on my progress.

You can also find Two of Wands on IG @twoofwands

Next knit WIP is, The Photographer Hat by Lavanya Patricella on Ravelry. This pattern is also free!

Another easy knit pattern. I’m using a beautiful chocolate Lion Brand yarn leftover from making socks on a loom and was in my stash. Love it!

It’s casted-on with double pointed needles, then eventually transitions to the circular needles. I will more than likely add more rows!

My completed projects are my two Carrie Tote Bags, pattern by Kandou Patterns on Etsy. These patterns are so simple to follow and well-written! Both bags were made with upholstery weight fabric which gives it more durability. They are both listed in my Etsy shop!

Denim Project Tote
Plant Print Tote Bag

Previously, I made myself a large tote using waterproof canvas and fabric which I use to carry/store my wrap I’m currently knitting!

Currently, I’m learning to weave on a loom. I found a great tutorial on YouTube, WeavewithPat. And, am taking a Hand-Lettering for Beginners class on Craftsy!

I want to thank you for stopping by and checking me out!

“Never let anyone dull your sparkle”


China Cabinet Re-do

It all began 10 years ago. I needed a cabinet to house all of my fabrics and craft items (well, at least a lot of them). So I purchased this cabinet for $40!

(This is about 6 years ago. My grandson photo-bombing!)

About a year ago while moving it out of storage to our home, the top half of the cabinet fell off of the trailer at 60mph! All of the glass in the doors/windows of the cabinet was broken and the very top that housed the light fixture on the inside was destroyed! The glass shelves were packed and stored separately…whew!

I continued to use the total cabinet and moved it from FL to our new home in NC. We disposed of the top part of this cabinet and kept the bottom cabinet piece. Oh, and I kept the glass shelves…I’ll figure out something for it’s use, I’m sure I will!

I suggested to hubby, it would be a great tv and cable/Xbox console stand and cabinet!

So, I removed the 2 doors,

…and painted it white.

And, hubby drilled holes in the back to feed wires through.

We will put decorative knobs to the center non-working door. I’m pleased with the turnout!

I love older furniture because of the craftsmanship and use of quality materials. The furniture made 50+ years ago would last you literally a lifetime. This cabinet is about 40 years old and will probably last another 40 years!

Thanks for reading!